STB Issues Two Rulings in City's Favor

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) today denied a petition by eight LLCs for a declaratory order to relitigate Harsimus Branch issues already decided. These decisions include whether the STB has authority over abandonment of the Harsimus Branch (it does), and whether the Harsimus Branch has been severed from the national transportation system (it has not).

The Board also reopened abandonment proceedings initiated by Conrail in 2009 and in abeyance while challenges to the STB's 2007 decision in favor of Jersey City, the Embankment Preservation Coalition, and Rails to Trails Conservancy wended their way through the federal courts.  This new decision lifted a stay on the proceedings, granted the request of the LLCs to intervene, and discussed the preparation of a supplemental environmental assessment.

"This is another step forward for Jersey City and the Embankment Coalition in moving closer to our goal of acquiring the Sixth Street Embankment," said Mayor Steven Fulop