Government agencies and other organizations have formally
recognized the merits of the Harsimus Branch Embankment. 
Here are a few key recognitions.


In the twenty-year effort to preserve the Embankment, it has received many recognitions from city, county, state, regional, and national organizations and government agencies.

Harsimus Branch Right-of-Way Eligible for National Register
Harsimus Embankment Contributor to Hamilton Park Historic District
Harsimus Embankment Contributor to Harsimus Cove Historic District
Harsimus Branch in Pennsylvania Railroad (New York to Philadelphia) Historic District



The Pennsylvania Railroad and its Harsimus Branch freightway served the nation for more than a century and are an important part of local, state, and national history.  Learning about this history will deepen an appreciation for the monument in our midst.

Environment Studies

Studies and plans from multiple sources include information on the Embankment related to open space and transportation, flora and fauna, storm water collection, and environmental contaminants.

What is the Embankment?

The Harsimus Branch Embankment is a segmented stone structure that runs for a half-mile along Sixth Street in Downtown Jersey City.  The Embankment is a municipal, state, and nationally recognized historic place.

What is the Coalition?

The embankment redering

The Embankment Preservation Coalition is a nonprofit volunteer organization.  It educates the public about the Embankment and works with local, regional, and national supporters to protect the landmark for reuse as a habitat-oriented park and greenway, with potential for rail use.